29 May 2020

5 Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

Your old AC unit may can still be turned on, but it may not working properly as it was. Here are the sign you might need a new AC for your home. 

AC does not blow a normal amount of air
There may be a problem with your AC compressor if your unit only blows a little amount of air. To get it checked, you can call a technician. If the compressor is already in a bad condition, you need to replace your unit.

The temperature cannot reach your desired number
The temperature that is always too cold or too hot can be a sign there is something wrong with your unit. When the AC’s system becomes unable to detect the temperature, you need to reach out to the technician to get your AC fixed. However, you often need to spend a lot of money to fix it. Therefore, you need have to consider getting a new AC unit.

Growing electricity bills
If you have not changed your AC for years and you find out that your bills rack up, probably your unit is already unable to work efficiently. As your AC getting older, some of the components may face difficulties until finally, it stops working. The system that is already inefficient can show a big number on your bill. This means you have to replace it with a new unit.

Strange noises from the AC
Do not ignore if your AC generates a weird-sounding noise. This noise is a sign of a small problem like dirty filters to serious internal unit problem. If you hear weird sound from your AC, immediately call a technician guy to have it checked.

AC blows smelly air
Smelly air from the AC can happen because of the broken insulation or fungi on the water pipe. This causes the air to be dangerous for your respiration system. If you can still smell weird odor after the unit is fixed, then consider changing your AC.

Find your perfect AC with us
To get a recommendation on types of AC from Mitsubishi Electric, you can drop by our nearest branch. We will help you in finding the perfect AC for your house.

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