29 May 2020

Pet Owner's Guide to AC Maintenance

Having pets can make our house feel more complete. However, they can affect the air quality of your house. Their fur and skin particles can block the filter of your AC and worsen the air quality. Here are some ways you can try to take care of your AC and the air quality.

1. Bathe your pet regularly
Playing outside may be fun for your pets, but they may bring back dirt in their fur. Dirt particles are the common cause of allergies. It also can clog your air filter. This may worsen air quality. Therefore, you need to give your pet regular baths.

2. Groom them regularly
The soft fur of your pet sheds and clogs your AC filter as the air goes in and out from the unit. Regularly grooming your pets may increase the age of the filters. Take your pets regularly to the pet salon. Not only it keeps the health of your pet, but it also saves your AC.

3. Change AC filters
Your pets produce dead skin flakes or pet dander. These tiny particles become airborne and can easily get caught in your unit’s filters. Clogged filters can cause bad air quality. It is also one of the major causes of the not cooling AC problem that resulted in the big numbers on your electricity bills. As a solution, change your air filters often. You can also choose the high-quality one so you do not have to change the filters as much.

4. Invest in air purifiers
Another way to tackle the problem caused by pet dander is to get an air purifier. An air purifier will help to do the work of the filters. It prevents the air particles get sucked in your AC filters so you do not have to change the filter as often.

5. Clean your house regularly
After changing your filters and get an air purifier, there is one more thing to do to maintain your AC as a pet owner. To help your AC’s performance, make sure to clean every corner of your house, especially the spot where your pets usually play. 

Need another advice?
For more advice on how to take care of your Mitsubishi Electric AC, contact our customer service center. Our friendly staff will be delighted to help you.

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