29 May 2020

Tricks to Reduce your AC Bill, Myth or Fact?

An air conditioner is known as the number one home electronics to increase the number on your bill. That is why tips and tricks to save the bills are everywhere. Know which ones are the myths and facts.

1. Setting the temperature extra low
Myth. Living in Indonesia, especially in low lands, it will be hard to reach a temperature lower than 20. A 24-degree temperature is the most ideal for us. Setting the temp lower than that only makes the compressor working non-stop. That results in your bill to increase.

2. AC inverter means low electricity bills
Myth. AC inverter cools the room as soon as it is turned on, but it needs quite big electricity power. On the positive side, the compressor will work efficiently after it reaches the desired temperature. However, if you set the temperature too low until 16 degrees, it will be hard for your unit to reach the number. The compressor will not stop working and consumes high electrical power. Therefore, the bill cost from your AC is determined by how you use your AC.

3. Cover the windows while the AC is turned on
Fact. You can save your bill up to 45% if you cover your windows with curtains or blinds while the AC is turned on. Choose blinds with light colors that can reflect the sunlight before it gets in your room.

4. Closing any door and windows
Fact. Open doors and windows can cause the hot air from the outside to enter. If that happens, your AC unit will face a hard task to cool your room. To save the cost, make sure you close all the windows and the door after you enter and exit the room.

5. Turning off the AC every time you exit the room
Myth. You do not need to turn off your AC each time you left the room for just a while. When the unit turned off, the room temperature will go up. That is why, when you turn it back on, your AC will use big electricity power to cool the room again.

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