Image 4 Way Cassette
4 Way Cassette Series (Inverter)

Mr SLIM has a cooling capacity greater than RAC Wall Mounted model. This is to anticipate and reduce some of the shortcomings in  RAC Wall Mounted model. Indoor 4-way Ceiling Cassette PLY-M and PLY-SM series model which is equipped with 3D I-see Sensor  offers eliminates uneven temperature distribution & electric consumption.

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3D I-see Sensor that built into the optional corner panel  can help to eliminate uneven temperature distribution and reduces electric consumption. Feature of 8 sensor that rotate full 360 also detects the number of people in the room, it then calculates the occupancy rate, and when it remains unoccupied the AC will turn off automatically.

Cassette 1 _ 3D i see Sensor

Weight has been reduced approximately 20% compared to the previous model, that help to reducing burden of installation

Cassette 2 _ Light Weigh Decorative Panel

The drain pump that has been enhance to high performance drain water lifting mechanism, allow  drain water pipe to be routed as high as 850 mm from  ceiling surface.

Cassette 3 _ Drain Water Mechanism

One of the advantages that Mitsubishi electric have are Pulse Amplitude modulation. It’s a technology that controls the current waveform so that it resembles  supply voltage wave. PAM Control, almost 98% of  input power supply that will be used effectively.

Cassette 4 _ PAM

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