"I-See Sensor" in the corner panel eliminates uneven distribution of materials and reduces electricity consumption. Then, prevent excessive cooling with the first "sensible temperature" setting system in the sector. By measuring the air outlet temperature and floor temperature, the temperature felt by the human body (sensible temperature) can be calculated. So that sensible temperature can always be maintained by preventing excessive cooling.

"I-See Sensor" automatically controls excessive cooling by detecting optimal temperatures.


All models have the same unit height, which is 250mm. Compared to the previous model, the height has been reduced to allow installation in a narrow area such as a ceiling cavity or drop ceiling.


Units with air holes on the lower side tend to be more noisy than the air holes on the back side. Air outlet units on the rear side are more recommended when installed in a room that requires silence like a bedroom.


Five external static pressure conversion rates and three fan speed options are available. With a maximum setting of 125Pa, this unit is suitable for various types of buildings.


All models of the indoor unit adopt a stylish square design. As a result, this unit can blend with the ceiling better.


Optional Drain Pump for Full Capacity Models. Optional drain pump height has been increased from 400 mm to 600 mm, extending flexibility in selecting unit locations during installation.


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