Industrial Computer

Industrial Computer MELIPC


  • Programmable Controllers MELSEC
  • Simple Application Controllers
  • Motion Controllers

Computerized Numerical Controllers

Computerized Numerical Controllers

FA Sensor


Drive Product

  • AC Servos-MELSERVO
  • Inverters-FREQROL
  • Geared Motors

Human Machine Interfaces

Human Machine Interfaces-GOT


  • Industrial Robots-MELFA
  • Collaborative Robot-ASSISTA

Low-voltage Power Distribution Products

  • Low-voltage Circuit Breakers
  • Contactors and Motor Starters
  • Power Management Meters

Energy Saving Supporting Devices

Energy Saving Supporting Devices

Electrical Discharge Machines

Electrical Discharge Machines

Factory Automation Affiliated Companies

Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Company


Ethernet-based open integrated network enabling seamless communication between the IT system and shop floor.

CC-Link IE Control

This Ethernet based controller-to-controller network enables high-speed communication and high-volume transmission, with seamless communication not interrupted by layers.

CC-Link IE Field

CC-Link IE incorporates high-speed I/O control, generic distributed control, synchronous motion control, and safety control enabling safety communications across multiple safety devices, all on the same network. This Ethernet based open field network can flexibly configure the system corresponds to the installation environment using highly flexible twisted-pair cable.

CC-Link IE Field Network Basic

CC-Link IE Field Network Basic realizes easier network integration, as its cyclic communications stack is software-based, without requiring a dedicated ASIC helping to reduce implementation costs for device partners. Transparent communications are achieved by utilizing SLMP that enables seamless connectivity within all levels of manufacturing.


Mitsubishi has invented an original servo system network "SSCNET" in pursuit of reliability. SSCNET is an optical network that realizes smooth, high-response and high-accuracy operation under all circumstances.

Solution Software

In the design, manufacturing, and operation and maintenance phases, we propose digital solutions that make full use of software, such as visualizing huge amounts of production data with SCADA, drastically reducing start-up time with a 3D simulator, and analyzing unexpected equipment abnormalities with data analysis tools.

Visualization software

  • HMI software (GOT)
  • System recorder related software
  • e-F@ctory Starter Package
  • NC Machine Tool Optimizer

Remote access

  • HMI software (GOT)

Simulation tools

  • 3D Simulator MELSOFT Gemini
  • RT ToolBox3

Data science tools

  • MELSOFT MaiLab
  • e-F@ctory Starter Package

FA Application Package

  • iQ Monozukuri Process Remote Monitoring
  • iQ Monozukuri ANDON
  • iQ Monozukuri Smart Work Navigator
  • iQ Monozukuri Rotary machine vibration diagnosis
  • iQ Monozukuri Tool Wear Diagnosis for Machine Tools
  • iQ Monozukuri Machine Tool Loading
  • iQ Monozukuri Force Application
  • iQ Monozukuri Deburring and Polishing
  • iQ Monozukuri CONVERTING
  • iQ Monozukuri HANDLING
  • iQ Monozukuri PACKAGING

Data communication software

  • MX Component
  • MX Sheet
  • GOT2000 MES interface function

Energy Saving Support Software

  • Energy Saving Support Software EcoAdviser

Engineering Software

This is a group of software products that provide powerful support for Mitsubishi Electric FA products in various scenes of FA "design," "operation," and "maintenance" to realize TCO reduction in production sites and engineering environments.

Integrated engineering software

  • iQ Works
  • iQ AppPortal

PLC engineering software (MELSEC)

  • iQ Works
  • GX Works3
  • GX Works2
  • PX Developer
  • MX Component
  • MX Sheet
  • GX VideoViewer Pro
  • GX LogViewer
  • FieldDeviceConfigurator
  • Peripheral device development support tool
  • Other development support tools

HMI engineering software (GOT)

  • GT Works3
  • GT Works Text to Speech License
  • GT Works3 add-on license for GOT2000 enhanced drive control (servo) project data

Robot engineering software (MELFA)

  • RT ToolBox3
  • RT ToolBox2
  • RT VisualBox
  • MELFA-Works

NC Software Tools

  • NC Servo Selection
  • NC Designer2
  • NC Configurator2
  • NC Analyzer2
  • NC Explorer
  • NC Monitor2
  • NC Trainer2 / NC Trainer2 plus
  • Remote Monitor Tool (C70)
  • NC Virtual Simulator
  • NC Machine Tool Optimizer

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