HVAC (Global Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems)

Of the many decisions made on commercial building projects, few are as critical as selecting the HVAC system. Systems that deliver energy efficiency and maximize profitability lead the pack, with many owners and developers eyeing innovative technologies that offer longlasting benefits, including simplicity of installation, low callbacks, and high tenant satisfaction. There are five questions to keep in mind for considering HVAC systems:

  1. How will this system reduce energy use?
  2. Are fossil fuels used? How will the system help reduce the building’s carbon footprint?
  3. Does the system provide for a lower global warming potential (GWP)?
  4. What detailed features and advanced technologies does the system offer?
  5. What control and monitoring capabilities are available to the owner and occupants?

Selecting the right HVAC solution saves time, trouble, and money before, during, and after the build, by focusing on energy savings and helping to achieve long-term profitability. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) from Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation for filtering air circulation in order to get an ideal environment. Our HVAC system is the first in the industry designed for energy saving and cost saving for application in various industries.

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