SCADA GENESIS64 Next Generation in HMI and SCADA Automation Software to Real-time Visualization

In the Manufacturing Industry sector, there are some challenges to ensuring the production process at the factory could be running efficiently and effectively and could minimize system failures on the machines. Therefore, the factory can visualize and analyze data on machines, production lines, and data from all factories that are collected in real-time and integrated. Because, visualization data in real-time, Managers can analyze the data from the production process in real-time, so that the Company can optimize and increase profitability.

Software SCADA GENESIS64 from Mitsubishi Electric is the solution to visualize data from machines, production lines, and data from the entire factory that is collected in real-time. SCADA GENESIS64 has the key features for 2D or 3D visualization, mobility, analytics, real-time connectivity, visualizations on any desktop or mobile device, centralized configuration, real-time mission critical or alarms to ensure system failures on the production processes automatically, and the ability to connect to various Industry standard communication protocols.

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