Achieving Carbon Neutral Solutions Through EcoAdviser Supported by AI (Artificial Intelligence) Technology

"Carbon Neutrality" is a state in which Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions are zero, achieved by balancing carbon dioxide absorption and removal. In the current situation, an increasing number of companies are striving to reduce energy consumption and control Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions in their production processes. Additionally, there is a growing demand for more eco-friendly products to achieve Carbon Neutrality.

To contribute to achieving Carbon Neutrality, Mitsubishi Electric offers a solution through EcoAdviser supported by AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. EcoAdviser assists in automatically analyzing energy wastage, identifying the causes of energy wastage, and displaying energy usage throughout the production process. Through this, factories can reduce energy consumption and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions, aiming to achieve Carbon Neutrality and enhance production efficiency.

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