Mitsubishi Electric's Solution for Optimizing Water Treatment Facilities to Minimize Construction Costs and Achieve More Efficient and Effective Operations

Mitsubishi Electric provides a Total Solution for Process Automation in Water Treatment Facilities by utilizing the energy-efficient Inverter-FREQROL product series integrated with SCADA GENESIS64 products for monitoring and control systems and supported by other products such as PLC MELSEC, Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs)-GOT, and Power Monitoring Products. These products can help in analyzing data, managing data, and energy saving for Process Automation Systems in Water Treatment Facilities.

Furthermore, our system supports Preventive Maintenance in analyzing the causes of failures in the Autonomous diagnostic function to activate alarms before problems occur and can ensure factory operations continue without stopping during repairs. This system allows users to easily optimize their water treatment facilities, minimize production costs, and contribute to a more effective and efficient operational process.

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