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Nov 2023

Induction Motor Contributing to Energy-saving and are Useful in a Wide Range of Industries
Did you know? The Induction Motor is referred to as the "Mother of Industry" because it plays a vital role in the manufacturing industry by driving machines and equipment used for material processing, speed control, optimizing efficiency, and ensuring reliable and energy-saving operations. Mitsubishi Electric's Induction Motors are known for their reliability, making them an ideal choice for various industries, from factory machinery to conveyor belts. Additionally, they contribute to energy savings and support manufacturing for sustainability.
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Nov 2023

Start IoT (Internet of Things) of your equipment using the internal functions of FX5S
The ease of implementing an IoT (Internet of Things) system can be initiated with the PLC FX5S from the MELSEC iQ-F PLC series to support IoT connectivity across various devices on a machine. Furthermore, IoT functions can facilitate retrofit systems, enable remote monitoring of on-site systems, and allow hassle-free debugging.
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Oct 2023

The slogan 'Automating the World' from Mitsubishi Electric to Initiate Digital Transformation for Sustainability
Global Awareness Campaign launched by Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation with the slogan "Automating the World" featuring a series of illustrative visuals, namely "Let's manufacture what matters to you," "Digitally multiplying the potential of manufacturing," and "Manufacturing made sustainable," all three visuals include the object "girl in the red dress" and a robot arm.
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