MSY JP10, JP13, JP18

The JP series is using Mitsubishi Electric's advanced inverter technology. which has been developed from years of experience and research. The JP series also give a maximum cooling by keeping the energy efficient to provide your comfort.

Dual Barrier Coating is a double retaining coating paint used in Heat Exchanger, Fan, Air Duct. Healthy room environment, special coating design from Mitsubishi Electric, prevents dust and oil from sticking


Longer bursts of air make comfort in the room. Application of cross design A unique flaw fan can flow air smoothly along each rotarting grid because it simultaneously enters the outside air intake and produces faster cold air. It also makes higher efficiency and produces greater air gusts and produces comfortable air throughout the room.


Gas leakage often occurs, one of them is from the curve. Therefore our JP series is coated with an anti-corrosion coating to prevent gas leakage.


Effectively capture PM 2.5 particles to become clean air in the room. Electrostatic material removes PM 2.5 from the air and absorbs it back through the filter.


Increases automatic efficiency by using a solid original motor and using 26% denser copper wire compared to conventional motors.


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