More than just conventional air conditioners, our non-inverter air conditioners are equipped with Mitsubishi Electric's best technologies.

The front panel can be removed and air vents can be opened without the need for special tools, making cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners easier than before. Periodic AC cleaning on air conditioners is highly recommended to ensure maximum operating efficiency and energy savings.


This filter combines nanometer-sized platinum-ceramic particles that produce anti-bacterial and deodorizing effects. The size of the three-dimensional surface has also been increased, extending the filter capture area. These features provide better dust collection performance compared to conventional filters. The effectiveness of the best air purification increases the comfort of the room to a higher level.


Anticorrosive layer (against air, air, corrosive elements) with a layer of better quality than the blue fin layer on the Outdoor unit, because we coat it with 2 layers: Phosphoric Acid Chromate Coating & Anti Corrosion Coating to use for longer product performance stability and for improve energy efficiency.

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