Mitsubishi Electric energy saving

The large capacity of the refrigerator ensures steady energy savings.

All Independent Room

Cool without waste

All compartments are completely sealed to prevent odor transfer. Each compartment is also equipped with a temperature sensor for better control of airflow. 15 sensors (temperature sensor, door open/close sensor, humidity sensor, room temperature sensor, and frost sensor) monitor the temperature of each room, the opening and closing of the door, and etc., to efficiently cool food.

15 sensors installed.Temperature sensor, door opening and closing sensor, room temperature sensor and defrost sensor.

Smart Cube

Large but compact

Smart Cube adopts a slim heat-insulating structure that reduces the thickness of doors and exterior panels while maintaining good heat insulation performance. In other words, it offers enhanced insulation, increased capacity and greater energy savings.

Eco System

Advanced energy-saving mode

It automatically memorizes how the refrigerator is used and operates each compartment in the best condition.

The Neuro Fuzzy Microprocessor can adjust to the most suitable operation and memorize the household's usage pattern through various time frames to automatically operate the refrigerator in optimal condition.

Power save mode

For example, when you are not using the ice maker, automatic ice making is stopped and the temperature is controlled to save cooling air. As same as in the versa room, when you are not using the versa room, the temperature is controlled to save cooling air.

ECO GUIDE indicates the power saving level by the number of stars.

You can see the power saving situation. Power saving level is comprehensively judged by the usage situation, such as eco-working and door opening/closing frequency.

Eco System turns on by comprehensively judging the usage situation, such as eco working and door opening /closing frequency.